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my heart was limping and this is the end of the road //

[Despite existing in some form or another for twenty-four years, Takatora still couldn't be sure if he was thankful or not for his ability to function so much like a human. With every new body, his appearance and functions improved significantly. In the beginning, he could remember, his expressions had always been stoic, his voice monotone and unemotional, his body stiff and unforgiving. But, as Yggdrasill's technology improved over the years, so did his bodies.

Now, it was near impossible to tell him apart from a human other than carefully hidden ports on his body, all with various levels of power over each other to avoid crashing completely in the event of an accident destroying one or more. His skin was warm to the touch, his emotions more strongly developed (in part from monitoring his 'brother' so closely for so many years), and he could even eat and process food, though tasting was a bit shaky. It was one of the things that wasn't quite as important, though it was one of the many pieces currently standing by for his next body, if only because Takatora had expressed curiosity.

Today was one of the few days of the week he didn't have to work. Takatora had already reported in to his 'father' the night before with updates about the company and how everything was going. It never felt strange to be so subservient to the man, especially when Takatora had known his role for a very long time. It was simply another one of his duties.

Straightening the collar of his shirt, Takatora rolled his neck, stretching his body a bit before reaching back to self-consciously fluff his hair back down over one of his ports. It was hidden well enough that even someone touching his head wouldn't be able to tell it was there unless they knew, but he was always keenly aware of its presence.

It had taken only a few minutes to be satisfied with his appearance, at which point Takatora left his room and carefully walked down the hall, knocking on Mitsuzane's door. Even though they had known each other for so long, Takatora was always skittish about their interactions. He was fairly sure Mitsuzane had forgotten any times he'd come close to finding out the truth about his 'brother', but Takatora had always been concerned about the consequences. The last thing he wanted was for Mitsuzane to be frightened of him, or worse, disgusted by him.]

... Mitsuzane?
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I know. But arms are trickier. We can replace your shoulder easily but the rest of it might be compromised. I'll have to assess what I can on the move. It's not as if your systems have a big red dot saying 'the problem is here'.

[Though that might be worth putting in. ... Later.]

You might not want to thank me just yet. Initial reports from the ambulance radio are... not good, to say the least.

[It was child's play to tap into that network. He'd set up the functionality a long time ago, just in case he needed it. It was jut a matter of tuning to the right frequency.]
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I'm merely keeping you updated as to what's going on.

[Emotional attachment had never been his forte. He didn't even really like Mitsuzane. But he kept Takatora focused and busy which... were good things. Probably.]

Your repairs shouldn't take long. We'll know his condition by the time we've finished.
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[Ryouma shoved into the room past the security, hauling a cart with him. His laptop sat on top of it, wires bundled to the side. The door was closed and he motioned to Takatora to lie down.]

Leg first.

[Once he'd positioned Takatora on the table, he brushed his hair aside and plugged him in.]

We'll be able to speak while I'm doing this. Just let the process run in the background. The hip will need to be replaced but it should hold until we can get everything we need. We were starting to move out the old parts so we're somewhat short on a few things.

[He turned off the pain sensors and tugged back the synthetic skin so he could disconnect the leg.]

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?
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[He paused and put a hand on Takatora's thigh, more to keep him still than to provide reassurance.]

... Mitsuzane's body has suffered too much damage to keep functioning. He's lost too much blood and he won't be able to breathe for very long, even with assistance. He has shards of his ribs in his lungs and heart. I don't know if he's lucky or not that he's made it this long.
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It means he's going to die, Takatora.

[He pulls a part out from his cart and hooks it in, checking to make sure the ports are secure before moving on to his shoulder. He flexes his fingers before peeling back the synthetic skin and tugs at Takatora's arm to unjam it from where it was damaged.]

At least, as he is now he's going to die. There is, however, a way to save him... and fortunately for you both I'm ready to test it. Though how much of him I'll be able to save I don't know yet. It's still incredibly experimental and theoretical. He might not even remember anything.
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[He paused, before chuckling.]

Well we don't have a custom body like yours ready for him, but... in theory it should be possible to transplant his brain into a mechanical body. The hardware is set to handle a synthetic sort of brain, so it should run similarly. However, the risk of side effects is... high. I don't know if he'll be able to cope with the psychological shock, and interfacing with the hardware might cause some... conflicts. I don't know if his personality will even transfer. If it does he might still have an adverse reaction to any number of things.

However... it might be worth the risk. The data shows something like this having a roughly sixty three percent chance of initial transfer being successful. Don't ask about the further 'settling' results because there's not enough data.
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To keep any of 'him' alive, yes.

[He pressed the new joint into Takatora's socket and reattached the arm.]

Further repairs on this will have to wait. Let's just patch up your eye and we can get you moving again. I'll turn your pain receptors back on once we're done. It will hurt, though not as much as before, but it's needed for you to be convincing.
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... If you'd like to. Most of the glass will have been extracted from him by now and they'll have him in a room hooked up to as many machines as they can spare. He probably won't be awake.

[He leaned over and gently set about fixing up Takatora's eye, which the narration did not describe because it was kind of gross.]

... The longer I know you the more I forget you're not actually supposed to have feelings. And yet, you do. It's really quite remarkable.
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It's hard to say. You are, after all, entirely unique. I'm not the sort of person to speak about the soul or what makes a person a person. I can analyze neural patterns and replicate them, but as to which data point is responsible for something like that? ... No idea.
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I do. But it can wait. Mitsuzane-kun will need his body customized first if he's to go out and interact with anyone. If he even wants to.

... Before everything transfers his brain will be placed in a 'holding pattern' simulation. You may want to speak to him at that time and talk to him. It might help ease things if he has a guiding hand with him.
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[He stepped away and glanced over at the laptop, checking the readouts.]

... That should hold you for now. He's on the ground floor in the intensive care unit. Room thirty nine. You should hurry.
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You should be fine, yes. We can deal with the rest of your repairs later.

[He reached up and tugged the cord out, putting it back on the cart.]
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[One of the nurses let Takatora into the room, stepping out so the two could have some private time. Half of him was wrapped in gauze and bandages, arms positioned carefully so that he wouldn't roll and hurt himself more. An oxygen mask covered part of his face, and his torso was wrapped to prevent him from injuring his ribs again. The room was quiet other than the beep of machinery. He wasn't moving, and his eyes were closed.]

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