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my heart was limping and this is the end of the road //

[Despite existing in some form or another for twenty-four years, Takatora still couldn't be sure if he was thankful or not for his ability to function so much like a human. With every new body, his appearance and functions improved significantly. In the beginning, he could remember, his expressions had always been stoic, his voice monotone and unemotional, his body stiff and unforgiving. But, as Yggdrasill's technology improved over the years, so did his bodies.

Now, it was near impossible to tell him apart from a human other than carefully hidden ports on his body, all with various levels of power over each other to avoid crashing completely in the event of an accident destroying one or more. His skin was warm to the touch, his emotions more strongly developed (in part from monitoring his 'brother' so closely for so many years), and he could even eat and process food, though tasting was a bit shaky. It was one of the things that wasn't quite as important, though it was one of the many pieces currently standing by for his next body, if only because Takatora had expressed curiosity.

Today was one of the few days of the week he didn't have to work. Takatora had already reported in to his 'father' the night before with updates about the company and how everything was going. It never felt strange to be so subservient to the man, especially when Takatora had known his role for a very long time. It was simply another one of his duties.

Straightening the collar of his shirt, Takatora rolled his neck, stretching his body a bit before reaching back to self-consciously fluff his hair back down over one of his ports. It was hidden well enough that even someone touching his head wouldn't be able to tell it was there unless they knew, but he was always keenly aware of its presence.

It had taken only a few minutes to be satisfied with his appearance, at which point Takatora left his room and carefully walked down the hall, knocking on Mitsuzane's door. Even though they had known each other for so long, Takatora was always skittish about their interactions. He was fairly sure Mitsuzane had forgotten any times he'd come close to finding out the truth about his 'brother', but Takatora had always been concerned about the consequences. The last thing he wanted was for Mitsuzane to be frightened of him, or worse, disgusted by him.]

... Mitsuzane?
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[As they started moving, Micchy rolled his eyes a little bit. He knew Takatora was just trying to be interested, but school was fairly boring.]

We've been studying geology in science class. Right now we're working on rock identification. I don't really care much for it. Biology is more interesting, but we don't cover most of that until next year. I -

[A sudden noise caught his attention - someone speeding down the road way too quickly. The sound seemed to be heading their way.]

I hope the police catch whoever that is, they're -

[Before he could get the next words out, the world exploded. The sports car slammed into Micchy's side of the car, the sick crunch of metal filling the air. Their car tipped over on its roof, teetering dangerously, and another car slammed on its brakes, attempting to stop. It slowed, but not enough, and crashed into the sports car, sending the Takatoras and their driver spinning down the road into a tree.]

[Micchy screamed, before being cut off, and as the car finally teetered to a rest upside-down against the tree, only a very quiet sniffling could be heard from his part of the car. Blood and glass covered the side of his face, and he was shaking.]
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[He looked up (down?) at his brother, vision swimming. Was there something off about him? He couldn't tell. Pain was making everything seem out of focus and dreamlike as his body tried to push against his injuries. He tried not to vomit, but it was hard. He pawed at the buckle with his good hand, trying a few times before giving up. He just didn't have the strength. The side of his body felt like it was on fire, too much for his brain to handle.]

[He opened his mouth to speak, but all that would come out was a faint whimper. He couldn't process anything. What? Talking? That could come later. He reached up his good hand to try to feel the damage, but it didn't feel much like moving past the middle of his body. As the adrenaline faded, he tried to take a deeper breath, only to hiss out most of his air from a sharp pain in his side.]
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[Micchy reached out with his good hand, breathing in tiny breaths, and grabbed on to his brother's shoulder tightly. Ryouma? How could someone like him help? Was that some kind of small headset his brother was wearing?]

[He could feel the blood dripping down onto the roof - now floor - of the car. He tried not to move too much, but he needed to get out, needed to get away from the seatbelt that was now strangling him -]

[Ryouma's voice came across Takatora's channel, sounding calm as usual.]

I know that much. But... let's see.

[He tapped into Takatora's visual feed and... went quiet for a few moments. Finally, he took a deep breath, letting it out slowly.]

I don't know how much anyone can do for him, but I'll send someone to take him to the hospital -

N... nii-san?

[Micchy's voice was quiet and shaky. His brain couldn't take much more of this. He could feel himself shutting down, even as he struggled to stay awake.]

S... sorry we couldn't... spend the day together...

[There was a brief silence from the other end of the channel, before Ryouma started talking again.]

Keep him awake. No matter what you do, don't let him fall asleep before emergency services gets there. It'll be a few minutes. If he falls asleep, he might never wake up.
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[He tried to keep himself awake, struggled to focus on Takatora, but it was hard. Everything seemed fuzzy, and too far away.]

... Sometimes it's so easy to forget that you don't grasp every idiom. He'll die, Takatora. And while you don't want to move him too much, hanging upside down like that is going to cause blood to move away from his head into his extremities. You need to carefully release his seatbelt and very slowly and gently lower him to the hood of the car now that it's stopped moving. Aggravating his wounds won't do much more, but he's going to start suffering brain damage if blood isn't getting to his head.

[Micchy made another soft noise and an attempt at hitting the release on the buckle.]

Don't let him do it himself! He'll injure himself more if he drops rather than is lowered, and I don't think he can do it without hurting himself.
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[Faintly, he could hear the twist of metal, but he wasn't sure if it was real or not. What was real were his brother's hands on him, lowering him down. Carefully, he lowered his hands to his sides, trying not to howl at the pain of moving at all. Everything seemed far away, and he closed his eyes. Falling asleep... maybe if he just slept things would be better when he woke up. Maybe this would just be a nightmare.]

Wake him up!

[Ryouma's order was sharp and immediate. Shutting down those systems... well. Takatora could be repaired. A fragile human body, not so easily. He knew how Takatora felt about his brother... but it didn't look good.]

A minute and a half. The sirens should be coming in range now, at the edge of your hearing. ... But you may need to prepare for the worst. I can't tell the extent of his injuries, but judging from what I saw... he probably has some deep lacerations. He may have a punctured lung, or maybe both. His legs and arm don't look like they're responding properly and they might be shattered. He -

[Micchy coughed and tried to lift his head, red flecks flying through the air. He was so tired... and he felt so far away. Every movement was painful now that the adrenaline rush was gone.]

... He's definitely punctured his lung at the very least. Tilt him onto his less-injured side carefully with his good arm tucked under his head and his head tilted up so he doesn't vomit and suffocate himself. It's going to cause him pain, but at this point everything will.
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Forty-five seconds. Your father has already been informed, but it'll be several hours until he can get back.

[Micchy gasped in pain, but it was more of an automatic reaction than anything else. Everything seemed so far away. He pulled his eyes half-open with some effort, and smiled at Takatora. This was okay. If he could just keep smiling at his brother, everything was okay.]

... They'll do what they can, but it may not be enough. There's nothing else I can do at this point. Takatora... you may want to think about saying goodbye. Just in case.
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... We'll discuss options when you get here. Fifteen seconds.

[Micchy tried to reach up, but the only free hand was his injured one and that simply wouldn't respond. Instead he just started to laugh - little chuckles, but his lips quickly were speckled with red. The sound of boots approached them, and the car door was flung open. Several paramedics knelt down, pressing hands to Micchy to assess his condition and lift him onto a stretcher. A man in a dark suit stood nearby and motioned to Takatora to get him into a car and out of sight.]

Everything has already been explained. They'll stabilize him as they can in the ambulance. You need repair before anyone sees.
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It's already been forwarded to legal.

[There was a brief silence on his end as Ryouma read through lines of code and diagnostic data. The driver headed towards the hospital, though at a slower speed than the ambulance. He was heading to a different section anyway.]

You'll be met by one of my assistants at the hospital. I'm going to head there soon myself. You need one of your lower leg sections replaced along with some new synthetic skin. The eye can be taken care of with a contact until we can do more detailed repairs, but I imagine you're not going to be kept from his bedside for long. We need to put some bandages on you anyway for appearance's sake. ... The driver didn't make it and there's no way anyone will believe you made it out without a scratch. You're going to have to fake sick for a little while.
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I know. But arms are trickier. We can replace your shoulder easily but the rest of it might be compromised. I'll have to assess what I can on the move. It's not as if your systems have a big red dot saying 'the problem is here'.

[Though that might be worth putting in. ... Later.]

You might not want to thank me just yet. Initial reports from the ambulance radio are... not good, to say the least.

[It was child's play to tap into that network. He'd set up the functionality a long time ago, just in case he needed it. It was jut a matter of tuning to the right frequency.]
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I'm merely keeping you updated as to what's going on.

[Emotional attachment had never been his forte. He didn't even really like Mitsuzane. But he kept Takatora focused and busy which... were good things. Probably.]

Your repairs shouldn't take long. We'll know his condition by the time we've finished.
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[Ryouma shoved into the room past the security, hauling a cart with him. His laptop sat on top of it, wires bundled to the side. The door was closed and he motioned to Takatora to lie down.]

Leg first.

[Once he'd positioned Takatora on the table, he brushed his hair aside and plugged him in.]

We'll be able to speak while I'm doing this. Just let the process run in the background. The hip will need to be replaced but it should hold until we can get everything we need. We were starting to move out the old parts so we're somewhat short on a few things.

[He turned off the pain sensors and tugged back the synthetic skin so he could disconnect the leg.]

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?
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[He paused and put a hand on Takatora's thigh, more to keep him still than to provide reassurance.]

... Mitsuzane's body has suffered too much damage to keep functioning. He's lost too much blood and he won't be able to breathe for very long, even with assistance. He has shards of his ribs in his lungs and heart. I don't know if he's lucky or not that he's made it this long.
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It means he's going to die, Takatora.

[He pulls a part out from his cart and hooks it in, checking to make sure the ports are secure before moving on to his shoulder. He flexes his fingers before peeling back the synthetic skin and tugs at Takatora's arm to unjam it from where it was damaged.]

At least, as he is now he's going to die. There is, however, a way to save him... and fortunately for you both I'm ready to test it. Though how much of him I'll be able to save I don't know yet. It's still incredibly experimental and theoretical. He might not even remember anything.

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