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呉島 貴虎 | kureshima takatora ([personal profile] heavenlydecree) wrote 2014-10-14 09:46 am (UTC)

[Oh no.

Takatora didn't know as much about human bodies as he wanted to. Sure, he had a vast and complete knowledge of their workings, but knowledge and experience were two entirely different things. He had never seen anyone act like this before. ... should he touch him? Should he move him? No, Mitsuzane was definitely too badly injured to suffer through moving more.

Takatora glanced the other over, only now aware of the fact that his right eye had stopped working and that his own emergency processes had been kicked in. His own injuries had been sufficient enough that he knew someone would be there for him soon. There was a small handful of people in Yggdrasill who knew about him, who knew the moment that any alert was given that he was to be tracked down and assisted. It made him thankful they were together now, but that didn't mean they would be prepared to handle Mitsuzane's condition.

Not wanting to move further away from his brother, Takatora reached with his right arm to press the spot behind his left ear to open his communication channel. Ryouma would be listening. Ryouma would know what to do. The creaking and popping his shoulder made with his movement was unsettling, along with the fact that he hadn't heard the driver moving either.]

Ryouma... There's been an accident. [Which Ryouma would have known by now, but...] Mitsuzane's injured. Make sure they send someone equipped to handle him.

[If he'd had a heart made of anything more than metal, he was sure it would be sinking. For now, his voice had an unusually strong hint of emotion.]

I don't know what to do...

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