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[Takatora knew his conversation topics were usually boring and tended to be about things Mitsuzane didn't care about. Part of it was just the desire to know everything about his brother (after all, he had to learn about him somehow), but the other was from the desire to keep constant tabs on him. Their father, despite how Mitsuzane might think he was uninterested in the other's development, was constantly checking in with Takatora about him. Every week when he spoke to their father, he was expected to share what Mitsuzane was up to. If he had been a true human, Takatora might have been mildly jealous, but even then he cared too much about his brother to be bothered.

As soon as Takatora had heard the engine roaring, he had perked up and given it his full attention. One of the perks of not being human were his advanced senses, not to mention reflexes. By the time Mitsuzane had reacted to the car's presence, Takatora had unbuckled his seatbelt and thrown himself to the other side of the backseat. He braced his hands on the back of the seat, knowing there was little else he could hold on to in that moment. The force of the car hitting them came just as his body moved to shield his brother, throwing him off-balance, though he did his best to maintain his position.

It wasn't easy, especially when Takatora had to brace himself to keep from being thrown off of his brother as the car rolled. He pushed with all of his strength and weight to keep himself planted over the other, but it was still hard to get a proper grip in the rush of movement.

By the time they stopped, the side of the vehicle had been pushed in enough that the metal had torn at Takatora's body. This was one of the drawbacks of having a body that could feel. Pain was a near overwhelming sensation, but Takatora didn't want to take the time just yet to shut down his nerve receptors. There were more important things, like Mitsuzane's current status.

Of course, the pain was also enough that Takatora hadn't noticed the extent of his injuries. There was a huge gash to his right shoulder, tears on his arm, and while the color in his right eye had seemed to fade from a medium brown to a complete black, the dark of his left was accented by hints of silver and green. Thankfully, his left arm was functioning enough to continue gripping the seat, even when he was hanging upside down.]

Mitsuzane... Talk to me...

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