heavenlydecree: (only i didn't know about)
呉島 貴虎 | kureshima takatora ([personal profile] heavenlydecree) wrote 2014-10-14 08:10 am (UTC)

I've already called for it to be brought around. We'll be dropped off and picked up later. I don't want to deal with parking.

[Not that Takatora couldn't drive -- exceptionally well -- but it was something he preferred not to do just in case something made him panic. His strength very rarely slipped away from him, but it was one of the things that had always concerned him. The idea of potentially putting his brother in danger? He would rather avoid any possibility.

Removing his hand, Takatora stepped away and started down the stairs, motioning for Mitsuzane to follow.]

Do you have everything you need?

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