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呉島 貴虎 | kureshima takatora ([personal profile] heavenlydecree) wrote 2014-10-14 07:57 am (UTC)

[Even though Takatora was skittish about unexpected physical contact, he'd always had a habit for initiating touch, but only with Mitsuzane (or Ryouma, occasionally), such as he was doing now. He reached out with one hand, lightly running his fingers over Mitsuzane's hair. Over the years, it had become easier and easier to feel sensations and every time he got a new body, Takatora was anxious to test it out. It was during those times that he felt the most suspicious, convinced that Mitsuzane would have to know something was strange when his somewhat different looking brother returned and wouldn't stop touching him for weeks.

While most of his expressions were carefully managed, Mitsuzane was usually the only one who made him smile without realizing it.]

I wasn't thinking of anything in particular. I thought we might just go downtown and walk around until we find something interesting.

[Being in public wasn't something Takatora was amazingly fond of, as far as being on the receiving end, but it certainly made it easier to learn from others. After all, any data he gathered would help Ryouma's research and future improvements.]

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