grapeeater: (the temperance.)
Mitsuzane "Micchy" Kureshima ([personal profile] grapeeater) wrote in [personal profile] heavenlydecree 2014-10-14 07:49 am (UTC)

[He knew something wasn't right. He knew his brother was different, somehow. It was something about how he shied away from touch, about how he disappeared at certain times every day, about how he would sometimes slam something shut too fast to not be suspicious. But this was his brother, the one person he trusted most in the world. If it was something he was hiding, it must be for a good reason.]

[He smiled brightly as he opened the door, clothes slipped on neatly and brushed down with care. The weekends were a time to be with his brother, because even if he had work to do he always seemed to make time for him. Less and less now that he was older, but Takatora had promised they would go out today.]

Good morning, nii-san. How are you today? Where are we going?

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