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呉島 貴虎 | kureshima takatora ([personal profile] heavenlydecree) wrote 2014-09-20 03:49 am (UTC)

[Engrossed in what information Ryouma was sending along to him (Takatora didn't usually have phone conversations in the house if he could help it), it took Takatora a few minutes and a few steps down the stairs before he noticed his brother was awake. It was one of the small things in life he was always scolding himself for. For wanting to be such a protective brother, Takatora knew he was awful at being that kind of brother. Dealing with emotions and juggling matters of the heart was entirely different than trying to treat things logically. Still, Ryouma always accused him of being a romantic and Takatora knew he couldn't argue. Just because he was bad at thinking with his heart didn't mean he could stop himself from trying.

Takatora locked his phone and tucked it into his pocket, determined to at least give Mitsuzane a few minutes of his time. It was difficult when he had so much to do, but he kept hanging on to the hope that their small moments together would be enough to keep the bond between them. Unfortunately, knowing what he did, Takatora was sure he'd failed a long time ago and doing anything now wouldn't make a bit of difference.

Still, he was a romantic.]

Good morning, Mitsuzane.

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