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Mitsuzane "Micchy" Kureshima ([personal profile] grapeeater) wrote in [personal profile] heavenlydecree 2014-09-20 03:41 am (UTC)

[Micchy knew something was wrong from the moment he woke up.]

[Sleep was important both for school and for dance. He knew that, and he tried to keep himself on a good schedule that included enough. Not everything could be planned, and he knew that, but he did as much as he could. He'd packed his bag, stuffing it in his closet inside another backpack. He'd found that if he folded everything carefully it could fit, and he could keep his dance clothing hidden from the prying eyes of the maids or his brother.]

[The plan was to get up, get dressed, go out, and find somewhere to change. He hated using public restrooms, but he could change in there. Never in the same one twice within a month, and never with the same staff around. Out there, he was just Micchy, not Mitsuzane.]

[Today, though... he felt sluggish. Slow. His body ached in a way that had nothing to do with dancing and his throat was scratchy. Logically, he should just stay in bed, but he'd promised he would be there. It wasn't that bad, and it probably wasn't something he could pass on, but he'd stop to get a face mask on the way.]

[He dressed carefully, enough to look good while outside but not things that could get wrinkled easily in his bag during the day, and headed out down the hallway. He could hear Takatora's footsteps, and he straightened himself out. He had a science textbook in his bag - the plan was to tell him that he was going outside to study and examine plants for a biology test. But he felt himself wavering as he kept walking, movements too stiff and expression slightly pained.]

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