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the moon is rising on this dangerous night //

[Takatora had, as usual, buried himself in work all day. He'd even stayed out far later than usual due to a few back-to-back business meetings, though he'd been kind enough to spare a few moments to let Mitsuzane know. He didn't want his younger brother to worry about where he was or why he wasn't home on time. Unfortunately, he was a bit vague with saying "probably around midnight". It had been one of those nights, meetings followed by outings and social drinking. Takatora had honestly never cared for it, but it was something he did because it made business partners happy. People talked a lot more when they had alcohol in their system as well, but Takatora had been careful to be polite in his acceptance of drinks while still going slow enough to maintain his composure. There was always the sinking concern that someone would manipulate information out of him while he was vulnerable. He couldn't allow that to happen.

By the time he returns home, it's closer to twelve-thirty. His clothing and everything about him smells of smoke and alcohol. It makes him a bit self-conscious, knowing it's completely out of character for him. He'd even, on one of his rare instances, accepted a cigarette from a colleague. It was a strange and nostalgic happening, but Takatora had thoroughly washed his mouth out afterwards. Still, the smell of smoke from that and the bar itself clung to him.

Takatora rubs at the back of his neck as he walks through the home, anxious to change out of his clothes. However, in passing Mitsuzane's door, he hesitates and then doubles back. It would be best to check on him in case he'd waited up. So he knocks, careful and light.]

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[Micchy had stayed up late, wanting to make sure that his brother got home all right. It wasn't really a sensible thing, but he couldn't help it. His older brother was important to him, and after a night with business meetings crammed back to back he could probably benefit from a friendly face.]

[The stench reaches him first. He wrinkles his nose in disgust, before doing his best to hide it. He has to keep his composure]

I'm awake.

[He walks over to it and opens the door, looking up at his brother.]

... You had a rough night...
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[He nods at the question, tilting his head slightly.]

Everything is going all right here. I was just working on some homework. I have a paper due next week.

[Even if he didn't feel all right, there's no way that he can tell Takatora. He needs to keep his image spotless and project innocence rather than what he'd been up to. He can't know about the Beat Riders, he can't know about the Driver, and he can't know about his involvement with anything.]

Do you want me to help you with your things? I can get you a clean set of clothes while you shower.

[It's not like it's something that one of the maids can't do, but it's just more personal when he does it...]

You need to drink some water, too, or your hangover will be worse.
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[That - something feels off. Micchy follows after his brother, watching him carefully.]

I can take care of homework later. I want to help you now. It's not just you who can take care of me - I can help take care of you, too.

[Maybe it's a little pushy, but it's true. There are ways in which he wants to surpass his brother, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't want to care for him, too. They're family, after all.]
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Why not?

[It's a simple question, really. He suspects the answer will be something along the lines of "because you're the little brother", but that's not really an answer. He may be younger, but he's not little anymore. He's adult enough to be seen as more equal, if not totally equal.]
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[He huffs a little in annoyance. Really? Is that what he thinks?]

No, it means you succeeded. It means that I've learned how to care for other people.

[Or at least give the illusion of it.]

You've taken care of me for a long time. Isn't it right that family should take care of each other? So now that I can, why won't you let me?
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Why? I can't help but care about you. You're my brother.

[He follows after Takatora, fuming. There's no reason for this. There's no reason to be so adamant about this issue right now, but he can't help it. The way Takatora keeps treating him like a child...]
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You're not Father, Takatora. You're my brother. And you may be in charge of me, but that doesn't mean you can control me.

[He shrinks back, embarrassed at the words as soon as he says them. What in the world possessed him to say it? Maybe it's Takatora's tone. Maybe it's the fact that he hates seeing his brother like this so much. Maybe it's because he's been wanting to say it for a long time. He's not sure, but he takes a few steps back anyway.]
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[The flicker of authority startles him, but it doesn't scare him. Any idea of fear is overtaken by anger, and he lashes out with a sharp kick to Takatora's thigh. He doesn't stop to pull his strength in the limited space he has to swing, and so it's a fairly strong attack. It's not even about helping him anymore - it's about being strangled by his authority.]

I will fight you if I have to. If a subject thinks that his ruler's mandates should no longer apply, he has the right to challenge them. I'll listen to you when you make sense.
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[The glare only serves to fuel his anger, and part of him is watching in horror. The rest of him, however, is still burning with pent-up frustration and rage. His hand shoots out to grab Takatora by the neck.]

By whose reckoning? By yours? Or mine? Because by mine, I'm more than old enough to make my own decisions. I may not be legally an adult, but I'm just as capable as you!

[In some things, at least. In raw talent, maybe. He's aware he doesn't have business skills yet, but it's not like he's not smart.]
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[He can't think anymore. Everything is fuzzy, rage clouding his vision and hearing as Takatora struggles against him. He balls up the fist of his other hand and aims a punch for Takatora's cheek. It's a little weak since it's his non-dominant hand, but it still should hurt.]

[There's something screaming in the back of his mind, crying that he would never hurt his brother, but it's insignificant. It doesn't matter.]

I'm not a child!
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[Those few moments are enough for the anger to ebb away, and his fists open as he back sup, back against the wall, shaking. He hadn't meant to do that. Even if he'd meant what he said, he hadn't meant to strike Takatora.]

[There's a hollow feeling at the pit of his stomach, and he turns to leave. He can't face Takatora like this. Not with what he did. He needs to get out. He needs to leave. Should he go to the garage? No, there'd be no one there. There's nowhere for him to go at all.]

[Live with your decisions, something says in the back of his mind, but he pushes it aside.]
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[He trembles in his brother's grip, his whole body shaking. He's doing his best to breathe properly, but it's hard. Tears are blurring his vision, but he won't let them fall. Not in front of Takatora.]

[He keeps his mouth shut, afraid that he's going to say something to make the situation worse than it already is.]
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[The gentle touch just makes his heart hurt. Why is he acting like this? He should be furious at him, for what he did. Despite the smell, he presses his face against Takatora's shoulder. Nothing makes sense right now. HIs words are muffled as he speaks them.]

I didn't mean to hurt you...

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